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BAM&DICE - Arduino STK kit

BAM&DICE - Arduino STK kit
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BAM&DICE - Arduino STK kit

The offer includes the highly flexible BAM shield with four DICE boards of type STK and an Arduino compatible board. Depending on the use, an additional DICE can be equipped.

Please select the additional arduino compatible board via the drop-down menu.

BAM-Shield STK with Arduino

The BAM -Shield configured with DICE-STK offers agile driving of four stepper motors and three strong loads. With the inputs for temperature measurement and connections for up to six limit switches, the control is a solid base for any 3D printer. Various enhancements allow the development to a high-end controller platform for a small surcharge.


  •  Operating voltage: approx. 10V .. 32V (*)
  •  Interface for Arduino Mega 1280 and 2560
  •  Four bipolar stepper motor drivers (DICE-STK) with up to 2.8A
  •  Configurable substepping up to 1/128
  •  3 high-current switches with up to 10A
  •  Overall continuous load current = 15 A + 10 A (25A)
  •  Power supply via screw terminals
  •  Various slots for expansion
  •  Overload shutdown with standard vehicle fuses á 10A and 15A
  •  Open source schematic and firmware available
  •  Five DICE board extension slots

Made in Germany 

The controller interface and the DICE boards are - except the single parts - completely assembled in germany. All hardware functions are tested before delivery. Highest standards in the production and testing give you trouble-free operation and superior quality.


The Arduino (optional) works with different open source 3d firmwares like Marlin or Teacup. By using the DICE-STK, the "Enable" input for this DICE has to be inverted. In Marlin, change in the "configuration.h" the #define ENABLE_ON to '1'.

100% compatible to RAMPS

The BAM-Shield is the next evolutional step from RAMPS to a versatile and powerful machine contol system. All existing extensions for RAMPS - except the stepper drivers - can be used with the BAM-Shield. The new concept of interchangable microcontroller extensions (DICEs) with a unique interface offers superior flexibility and enoumous power. Thus, it fits exactly to stronger mills, pick&place machines, robots, liquid handlers and prototyping equipment.


All hardware components are available as Open Hardware. To pay tribute to jr and the makers of RAMPS, the BAM-Shield is licensed by GPLv3. All DICEs have been licensed by us with CERN OHL V.1.2. and are open to use for everyones free disposal. Our mission: Open source with pleasure!

User guide: 

BAM&DICE - UserManual V1.0 english



Pin assignment:

BAM&DICE - BetaArduinoMega V1.2 - Connectors

(*) For operating voltages above 20V, we recommend to remove the diode D1 (see picture) because the Arduino can suffer damage. In this case, the Arduino must be supplied separately. Alternatively you can take a suitable DC/DC converter for the Arduino.

Wiring instructions:

Connect your 3D printer to the BAM-Shield as follows:

BAM-Shield - Wiring 3D printers

 (additional shown equipment is not part of this article)

Other BAM&DICE modules

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