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Our second generation of BAM&DICE for the Arduino DUE

The flexible CNC control system

The kit contains:

  • BAM&DICE-DUE base module
  • Arduino DUE compatible board
  • Four DICE extensions type DICE-STK
  • BAM&DICE smart controller - display module with accessories incl. SD-card reader
  • WLAN-module ESP8266
  • 4GB-SD card with firmware and user manuals
  • Heatsink for heatbed-MOSFET
  • USB-connection cable (micro-B-USB)
  • Reference designs and schematics on SD card

Das BAM&DICE System für den Arduino DUE

The powerful and flexible solution for 3D-printers, milling machines, robots and much more. For expansion an additional DICE slot is available. Control your 3D-printer elegant with a smartphone without time consuming installations or memory hungry apps.

In this configuration you can handle the flexible control of four steppermotors and three consumers in the blink of an eye. With the inputs for temperature measurement and six digital inputs for endstop switches this controller board provides the basic functions for every 3D printer.


Control the BAM&DICE DUE kit with a smartphone, PC or tablet. The integrated web-interface makes 3D printing easy as a walk in the park.


Our assortment of DICE-boards enlarges your system to a flexible automation platform. Control with it up to

  • 5 steppermotors
  • 32 relais (4 DICEs)
  • 80 digital I/Os (with interrupt)
  • or 15 thermocouples (K type)

Through the combination of precision and speed while maintaining flexibility and power, BAM&DICE DUE easily exeeds the most versatile and powerful reprap electronics on the market.


  • Operating voltage:  +10V .. 32V (*)
  • Interface for Arduino DUE (**)
  • Four bipolar steppermotor drivers (DICE-STK) with up to 2.8A
  • free configurable substepping up to 1/128
  • 3 high-current switches with up to 15A
  • Overall continuous load current = 15 A + 15 A (30A)
  • Power supply via screw terminals
  • Various slots for expansion 
  • Overload shutdown with standard vehicle fuses á 15A
  • Open source schematic and firmware available
  • Five DICE board extension slots

Made in Germany 

The controller interface and the DICE boards are - except the single parts - completely assembled in germany. All hardware functions are tested before delivery. Highest standards in the production and testing give you trouble-free operation and superior quality.


The provided Arduino DUE compatible board works with a modification of the freely available Marlin software which is already installed on the board.

This is the link to the repository:


All hardware components are available as Open Hardware. They have been licensed by us with CERN OHL V.1.2 and are open to use for everyones free disposal.


We highly recommend to read our manual.


Now and again a look at the circuit layout pleases.

Pin assignment:

Pinbelegung des BAM&DICE-DUE Shields

(*) For operating voltages above 20V, we recommend to remove the diode D1 (see picture) because the Arduino can suffer damage. In this case, the Arduino must be supplied separately. Alternatively you can take a suitable DC/DC converter for the Arduino.

(**) Interface ist backward compatible to Arduino MEGA.

Wiring instructions:

Connect your 3D printer to BAM&DICE DUE as follows:

 (additional shown equipment is not part of this article)

Other BAM&DICE modules

BAM&DICE  series

Video about BAM&DICE DUE in a Printupy single desktop 3D printer

directly watch at youtube: Bam&Dice Due in Printupy Video

 Watch here:

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