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3D printer electronics echinus board

3D printer electronics echinus board
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3D printer electronics echinus board

This set contains an Echinus board, a controller specially designed for desktop CNC machines, which is needed for building a 3D printer as described on

More information about the Echinus Board can be found here:

Echinus board - out of the box

Echinus board - backside

The Controllerboard has the following features:

  • Independent microcontroller based system with serial interface (USB)
  • Galvanically isolated USB connection
  • Six bipolar 1.5 A stepper motor drivers
  • 3 high current switches with up to 10A per Switch
  • Two fan outputs with up to 2.6 A (total)
  • Overall continuous load current = 12 A  (20 A Peak)
  • Powered by ATX2.2 standard power supply with ATX24 connector
  • High side current measurement
  • SD card connector
  • FAT32 filesystem supported in firmware
  • USB bootloader for easy firmware updates
  • I2C interface and 8 pins for extensions
  • 5V (200 mA) and 3.3V (100 mA) for external logic devices
  • Onboard temperaturesensor for microcontroller
  • Independent overtemperature, overcurrent, undervoltage shutdown
  • Programmable shutdowns via microcontroller  (overcurrent, temperature, watchdog)
  • 6 analog inupts, 6 digital inputs, 7 user definable I/Os
  • Free available software development kit, drivers and sources.

The development board will be shipped with a preinstalled Echinus-Teacup firmware with which it can control various 3d printers. With the grafical tools Echinus-Config and Echinus-Flash it is possible to change all important functions without reflashing the board (Config). And with the Echinus-Flash tool it is very easy to upload a new firmware version if needed. The pcb is mostly assembled in SMT technology in high industrial standard and combines functionality with safety. All boards are checked for full functionality by the manufacturer.

More information about the echinus board can be found at:

The following parts are included in the set:

  • Echinus development board with 6 integrated stepper drivers, 3 heater outputs, SD card reader and much more
  • 6 heatsinks for the stepper drivers
  • heatsink glue pads
  • mini-USB cable
  • installation-CD with the complete toolchain, firmware, tools as well as a manual in german and english
  • 3 optical endstop switches of type LSMD1HT

For a complete electronics you also need a power supply with sufficient power at the 12 V output.

We recommend the following power supply with enough power. For the Echinus board no adapter is needed.

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