Our Company

We are

a young team of innovative engineers. With local firms as partners and clients, we are working on the development of new devices and technologies. For our online customers, we offer a wide variety of products for rapid prototyping, which have been developed and tested with a lot of know-how and experience.

reliable and inexpensive

provides 2PrintBeta 3D printer kits and accessories since 2010. Founded by Holger Krautwasser and Dominik Wenger, the company resided first in the Scheffelstraße in Constance. In 2013, the step into the offices in the Rice Street succeeded. In January 2014 Konrad Meyer joined as partner. 2PrintBeta has grown in recent years and gained in a great knowledge for 3D printing. Also ou company offers complete systems and customized solutions combined with an extensive service.

"mostly" Open Source and always open minded

we manage new projects. Our corporate culture lives the intensive exchange of information and promotes a creative and comfortable cooperation. With founded knowledge in computer science, electrical engineering and chemistry, we strive to make a positive contribution to our customers and the society.

Our products

Our newest ready-made product is the Printupy 3D printer in the single version (one print head) and DualX (with two print heads). Our concept includes inhouse production and compliance with our strict design guidelines. We provide superior service to our customers and we are expanding our offers in training and education with several workshops.

The Printupy 3D printer

Our newest model: the Printupy DualX 3D printer:

Printupy DualX 3D-Drucker

The BAM-Shield

BAM-Shield V1.2 - BAM&DICE

BetaPrusa Deluxe V2 printer kit

Beta-Prusa V2 Beta-Prusa V2 - Bauanleitung Animation

Commercial: BetaPrusa Deluxe V2

Printed example of a Printupy desktop 3D printer

with a 0.35mm nozzle, blue PLA and a layer height of 0.05mm


Printed example of a BetaPrusa 3D printer

with a 0.3mm nozzle, white PLA and a layer height of 0.12mm.

Druckauflösung des Beta Casted Prusa