PCB stencil and build service

Our offer

We produce PCB stencils for your prototypes and smaller series out of mylar and we can also help you build your prototypes.

The low-cost solution for your small electronic production run!

The mylar is extremely tear-resistant and allows clean paste applications with all usual materials. Even repeated use does not affect the paste application. We recommend to create up to 0.5 mm pitch masks with our 150μm film.

After the stencil is produced, we can assist you with applying the solder paste and placing the smad parts. When the board is finished, we can solder it in out modern solder oven.

If preferred, we can also do all those steps for you.

Our strengths

Price effective, fast and local!

No limit to the pad amount.

Order conditions

  • Ürocessed data in DXF format (R12) or BMP image with high enough resolution
  • Maximum size: DIN A3 (297x420mm)
  • Stencil Material: Mylar (BoPET)
  • Stencil Thickness: 150µm
  • Minimul Pitch: 0.6mm

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