Small series production

You have a model, digital or real, and want a small series run of it ?

Custom-made products are often expensive and time-consuming. Using modern methods of injection molding a reproduction is only cheap when producing millions of parts.

These methods are not suitable if you only need a small amount (e.g. 200 pieces). The tool costs go beyond the scope. This is why a cost-efficient production is often not possible.

We are the missing link between custom-made products and series production.

We offer to create small series of your objects, casted in polyurethane. In this process we first create a silicon mold of your model and then cast your series of objects with this mold. To create this mold we need you to either provide us with a real model or we can create this first model from your digital data with our 3D printers.  

We can cast your objects in various colors. Also we will assist you in compliance with design rules for the preparation of casted parts.

For information and inquiries please contact us by using the contact form.

More casted objects can be seen here: