3D Scanning of models

You need a 3D model of a real object?


We'll scan it for you! For the data of the objects we offer all popular formats (such as:.... * Stl, * obj, * .3 ds, * dxf, dwg *). On request, we will rework and modificate the files for you, as well as we complete the whole replicating process with a print on your demand.

 For every object we use the suitable 3D scan technology:

  • Very small and small objects get digitized with a laserscanner

Digitalisation of a real object and a 3D print of the resulting file:


  • For middle sized and large objects we use photogrammetry

From the picture to the printed 3D object:

Example: High quality 3D scan and 3D print of a mouse

Original mouse and 3D model

3D model and 3D printed copy

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